• Luray Middle School offers students who excel academically an opportunity to apply as a member of the National Junior Honor Society. The NJHS is a nationally recognized organization established to honor and nurture students who seek to achieve the highest levels of “scholarship, leadership, service, citizenship, and character” (www.njhs.us).
  • Luray Middle School adheres to the constitutional requirements outlined by NJHS with additional by-laws created by our Faculty Advisory Committee for eligibility, membership, rules and procedures, and daily operation. A non-voting faculty member acts as a sponsor to assist and monitor NJHS members’ progress, implement service projects, plan field trips, and archive information, photographs, and data to build a viable local charter. Non-voting administrators act as advocates for the charter and assist in suitable funding and resources to help strengthen the charter. The constitution and by-laws can be found on the school’s website here
  • A minimum 3.75 grade point average (GPA) is required for students to apply and that does not guarantee membership. A variety of factors help the Faculty Advisory Committee decide eligibility and membership determined with the assistance of a matrix and point system. Those factors include GPA, SOL scores, attendance, teacher recommendations, behavior, and a completed application with an essay. The eligibility process is confidential.
  • Once a member, students are expected to maintain certain high standards of scholarship, service, and behavior or jeopardize losing their membership. NJHS members are role models and examples of what LMS envisions as the best and the brightest. They are charged with the challenge of creating a better Luray Middle School and NJHS charter.