Division Leadership

When you have questions or concerns related to the roles and responsibilities of a director or supervisor, please reach out to them directly. If it is regarding a situation at a particular school, we ask that you please reach out to the school administration first.  Click the link for the Division Organizational Chart

Department of Instruction, Innovation and Accountability

Director of Secondary Education
Clint Runyan


Primary Responsibilities:
Supervision of Secondary Administration; Supervision of Secondary Curriculum Specialists; Oversight of 6-12 Curriculum and Instruction, Resources, and Programs; Assists with Professional Development; 6-12 Summer School; Secondary Textbook Adoption; Virtual VA, Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment; Wellness; Division Director of Testing; Facilitate School Improvement Process

Director of Elementary Education
Chris Hopkins




Primary Responsibilities:
Supervision of Elementary Administration; Supervision of Elementary Instructional Coaches; Oversight of PreK – 5 Curriculum and Instruction, Resources, and Programs; Supervision and oversight of PreK, VPI and Headstart; Assists with Professional Development; PreK – 5 Summer School; Elementary Textbook Adoption; Facilitate School Improvement Process

Director of Special Education
Ellen Biller

Picture of Ellen Billers, Director of SPED

Primary Responsibilities:
Supervision of SPED team including Psychologists, Behavioral Specialists, and Contract Service Providers; Compliance and Indicators; SPED Student Achievement and Program Oversight; Training and Professional Development; School Improvement Process; 504 Division Contact and Appeals; Alternate Assessments (VAAP); Federal IDEA Grants; FAPT; Budget; VDOE Reporting

Supervisor of Special Education
Cathy Marston

Primary Responsibilities:
Oversee Medicaid; Curriculum and Instruction; Elementary 504 Coordinator; MANDT trainer; Supports SPED Student Achievement and Programming; Review and support of IEP development

Director of Student Services & Federal Programs
John Van Wyck

Primary Responsibilities:
Supervision of Students Services staff; English Learners Program; Oversight of all Federal Programs, Grants and Audits; Foster Care and Homeless; CHINS; Truancy; Threat Assessments; Mental Health Initiatives; Supervision of Title 1 programs and staff; Registration and Enrollment; School Health and Nurses; Alternative and Adult Education; GED; Code of Conduct; Discipline and Hearings; Budget; Federal and VDOE Reporting

Department of Human Resources and Business Operations

Supervisor of Human Resources
MIke Bell

Primary Responsibilities:
Personnel (recruiting, retention, onboarding); Personnel Records Management; Licensure Specialist; Recruitment (AppliTrack, job fairs, hiring, onboarding); Workers’ Comp; VDOE Reporting

Supervisor of Transportation
Diana Griffith

Primary Responsibilities:
Supervision of Transportation Department; Pupil Transportation; Routing Maintenance of PCPS Fleet; Training and evaluation of drivers; Budget

Supervisor of Nutritional Services
Jenny Jeffries


Primary Responsibilities:
Supervision of Nutritional Services Department; Oversight of Free/Reduced Breakfast/Lunch Program Requirement; Summer Meals Program; Budget; VDOE & Federal Reporting

Supervisor of Facilities and Operations
Tim Williams

Primary Responsibilities:
Supervision of Maintenance Department; Oversight of Facility Upgrades/Renovations/Maintenance; Capital Improvement Plan; Assists with Safety and Compliance; Budget

Division Technology Officer
Blake Samples

Primary Responsibilities:
Supervision of IT Department; E-Rate; VPSA Educational Technology Notes; School Security Technology; Digital Conversion; Wide-area and Local-area Network Infrastructures; Computer and Server Systems; Student Data; Office Technology (Phones/Copiers)