Page County Public Schools is committed to providing information to our community regarding our Return to Learn reopening plans.  Please use this page as a resource for answers to various topics and questions.  More FAQs will continue to be added regularly and updated as needed. 

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Similarly, The Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) is also committed to providing school divisions with information and updates as they become available for reopening schools at School Reopening Frequently Asked Questions.

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What is blended learning? posted July 27

This model involves a combination of remote learning and face-to-face (in-person) learning.

What is face-to-face learning? posted July 27

Face-to-face learning is in person learning model wherein learning is completed within the school setting. Learning in this model may occur through paper and /or digital formats wherein instruction is provided by school staff. With face-to-face learning, it's possible to have a live interaction between a learner and an instructor. Since that interaction occurs in person, it means that a learner needs to be physically present in a classroom at a specific time and date.

What is remote learning? posted July 27

Remote learning is a distance learning model wherein learning is completed away from the regular school setting. Learning in this model may occur through paper and/or digital formats wherein instruction is supported by school staff. Remote learning provides an opportunity for students and teachers to remain connected and engaged with the content while working from their homes. Remote learning is also known as distance learning and/or virtual learning.

What steps is PCPS taking to ensure that all students have access to the needed technology for remote learning? posted July 27

PCPS is committed to providing all students with the necessary tools. PCPS has been working to move to a 1:1 model with a device for each student to take home. While we have made great strides in securing more devices, we won’t be receiving our additional devices until late fall due to the demand throughout the state and nation. For those without internet access at home, PCPS is researching WiFi hotspots where families can have access to download and sync up assignments. Students will be encouraged to download the necessary instructional materials for offline capability before they leave the school building if internet connectivity is limited (if the student chooses the blended model). 

What was the reasoning for having Group A attend on Monday/Thursday and Group B on Tuesday/Friday versus having them go back to back (Group A Monday/Tuesday, Group B Thursday/Friday) with the deep clean in between? posted July 27

Both models were considered; however, it is better for the students instructionally to limit the gap between the face-to-face sessions with just 2 or 3 days versus the 5 days it would be with back-to-back days. This model allows students to process the material and work with it for a few days and come back for support, clarification and deeper learning. As for the cleaning, our custodial staff will be providing thorough cleaning every night that follows guidance from the CDC, Virginia Department of Health, School Health and the local health department; Wednesdays provide us another day to do more while teachers plan. The recommended health plan was reviewed by our local health department, and health officials assured us it was in accordance with CDC and VDH guidance. All safety procedures for cleaning facilities have been submitted to the state. Additionally, as we work to provide nutritional services for many of our students, it is more feasible to send home a couple days’ worth of food with students versus a week’s worth. The Page County School Board may consider a different grouping; the same students attend Monday and Tuesday and the same students attend Thursday and Friday. 

Why did PCPS choose Wednesday for teacher professional development/workday versus Monday as was the schedule last year? posted July 27

As per the answer above, this was to help limit the gap between the face-to-face sessions for the students to better support them instructionally.

With the blending learning option, will parents have the option to choose which two days of the week they prefer their child to attend school? Will the days remain consistent each week? posted July 27

Families will not be able to choose; however, the days will be consistent each week.

How are student groups assigned in the blended learning model? Will siblings be paired together? When will parents know the groups? posted July 27

Siblings will be assigned to the same in-school schedule to simplify family arrangements, when possible. Student groups will be created using last name and/or family unit/household. Students with the last name of A-K will be group A. Students with the last name of L-Z will be group B. Decisions regarding student schedules for each school will be based on multiple factors including electives courses. Details regarding student assignments and scheduling will be finalized and communicated in August once family options selections are received and processed. The option selected is a commitment due to the enormous logistical considerations involved.

What if we change our mind? Can we change from one option to another? posted July 27

We know there will be circumstances that may cause a student to need a change. We also know that it is not possible to continually readjust and prepare for both options if enrollment numbers continuously fluctuate between the two. We realize that there may be extenuating circumstances which will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis that will not impact the integrity of either option.

Is there an option to change from options at the semester? posted July 27

Yes, there is. Families must notify the school by December 15, 2020, if they want to change their instructional delivery model for the second semester, although CDC guidelines will continue to be adhered to ensure the safety of students and staff.

If a student in the blended learning option gets sick, can they switch to full remote learning?  posted July 27

We will follow current medical homebound criteria, which requires documentation from a physician; we will review the request on a case-by-case basis.

Do parents who select the blended learning option have to sign a liability waiver? posted July 27

At this time, we are not asking parents to sign a liability waiver.

How will concepts that were not taught in the 4th quarter of 2019-20, due to school closures, be taught in the 2020-21 school year? posted July 27

The essential content that was not covered during the fourth quarter in the spring will be incorporated throughout the 2020-21 school year for elementary school and secondary school sequential courses. (Sequential courses build from one course to the next, such as Spanish 1 and Spanish 2 or Algebra 2 to Precalculus.) Curriculum and pacing guides have been adjusted accordingly.

In the blended learning model, how many students are anticipated to be in class for the face-to-face session? posted July 27

Due to social distancing protocols, it will range between 10-12 students.

Will one teacher do remote learners specifically or will remote learners be taught by someone also trying to teach in the classroom 4 days a week? posted July 27

We need the data from the option selections in order to determine this. Logistically speaking, for some licensure specific courses, it is possible a teacher would have to work with both sets of students.

Is the instruction of students choosing a blended learning environment supposed to mirror what is sent for those remote learning? posted July 27

In terms of the content and concepts taught and assessed, teachers will ensure that students receive the same instruction. However, the actual tools and materials used to present the lessons will vary. As our digital access increases for all students over the next few months, the two delivery models will become more unified.

Will students receive hard copies of textbooks, math manipulatives, materials for science experiments, and other learning resources? posted July 27

Students will receive copies of instructional materials and supplies needed to complete face-to-face or remote learning.

How will students receive gifted services this year? posted July 27

Gifted students will continue to receive services as appropriate for the student and option. Middle school students are encouraged to participate in Challenge 6, 7, or 8 and high school should select honors or dual enrollment courses for more rigorous instruction.

Will student attendance be monitored in both options? posted July 27

Yes, student attendance will be required and monitored in both options. Students who selected the blended learning option will be required to come to school on the days they are assigned. As in the past, students who need to apply for extenuating circumstances will be able to do so with medical documentation. For remote learners, student attendance will be measured by the student’s engagement with assignments and the teacher during the week. More information will be provided as we receive more guidance from the Virginia Department of Education.

Is the option for remote learning for all students (pre-k through 12)? posted July 27

Everyone has the choice for full remote learning. However, our ability to do it virtually (online) is limited so the format will include paper and pencil as well.

What specifically will be done for students in the full-time remote learning model to make and build connections in their school’s teacher and classmates? posted July 27

Each school will have orientation events for incoming students and families regardless of the model in which they are enrolled.

Will remote learning be provided by PCPS teachers or through an outside provider? posted July 27

All courses and classes will be taught by PCPS faculty. However, some high school students may choose to take a course that is not offered by PCPS and will take it through an outside provider. Students that select the remote learning model will not meet their classroom teacher. Students may meet this individual during the back to school orientation and/or for parent-teacher conferences.

When working remotely, will students have to do it at certain hours of the day or when it is suitable for the students and families? posted July 27

Teachers may use both synchronous learning (happens in real time with the teacher) or asynchronous learning (learning at different times without direct interaction with the teacher). For the most part, until our technology resources and abilities expand, students will be able to learn asynchronously at times that suit them and the family. However, there may be specific times scheduled for whole class and/or individual interactions with the teacher as announced.

Will there be SOLs this year? How will verified credits be impacted for high school students? posted July 27

At this time, the VDOE has not announced that SOL testing has been cancelled for the 2020-21 school year; however, we are anticipating that they will not be used for accreditation purposes. We are awaiting further guidance on verified credits and testing in the upcoming weeks.

How will benchmarks and assessments work for remote learners? posted July 27

This is still being worked out as it will vary between digital and paper formats until everyone is able to have internet access with a device.

What support will be offered for struggling students? posted July 27

Teachers will provide instructional support as needed in a variety of formats using various methods such as office hours, emails, phone calls, etc.

What learning platform or tool will be used to support learning and allow students to interact with their teacher especially during the remote learning format? posted July 27

The division will be utilizing Schoology as the platform wherein students, families and teachers can interact. Schoology will allow our students and teachers to stay connected and interact in a digital format even by phone with an app. It will also support paper/pencil formats. This platform will allow teachers to incorporate multiple apps, programs, and resources for students to access (ie. Google Classroom, Virtual Virginia, Discovery Education, IXL, etc.). Schoology will be used division-wide by all teachers for all students regardless of the learning option selected.

Where can we learn more about Schoology? posted July 27

Schoology has a variety of demo videos available online; however, the division will be providing more detailed information for students and parents once students’ schedules are finalized and teachers are trained. Teachers will be receiving professional development prior to school opening and throughout the year.

What technology will be used to keep parents in the loop for both learning models? posted July 27

PCPC students enrolled in either model will be using Schoology as the learning management platform that will provide progress updates to parents and students which will be linked to our student information system PowerSchool. Schoology will help streamline communication with students and families.

Will students be permitted to use lockers this year? posted July 27

Students will not be permitted to utilize lockers during the 2020-21 school year.

What are the consequences for a student who removes or refuses to wear a face covering when social distance is not maintained? posted July 27

PCPS faculty and staff will work with students to teach them and remind them to wear their face coverings when social distance cannot be maintained. However, students who continue to disregard the health and safety mitigation strategies in place may be subject to disciplinary actions for unsafe behaviors per the Student Code of Conduct. The option to learn with the full remote learning option may have to be utilized.

Will students be able to bring a book bag/lunch? posted July 27

Students will be permitted to bring their own bookbag and/or meal (breakfast or lunch).

Will we administer assessments? posted July 27

Division and state assessments will still be administered as required.

What instructional delivery models will be used? posted July 27

Teachers will be able to incorporate any instructional model (i.e. small group instruction) as long as mitigation strategies are in place.

Will computer labs be open? posted July 27

Computer labs will be utilized as an instructional space as needed. Students will not leave their regular classroom to use a computer lab. 

Why not allow the middle and high school students to do mainly virtual? posted July 27

Survey data collected in spring 2020, revealed that only half of students (51%) attending PCPS have an internet connection capable of sustaining virtual learning. The PCPS instructional plan seeks to provide equitable access to all levels (elementary, middle, and high school).

Why not allow students who have both parents working and unable to stay home or don’t have the resources to help out on the days of virtual learning, the ability to attend 4 days a week? posted July 27

The amount of physical space and number of staff wouldn’t allow for this option.

Will students still be required to complete classwork if quarantined? posted July 27

Yes. Students will be expected to keep up with assignments in the same manner they have been in previous years. 


Does Pre-K have the option for virtual learning for the 1st 9 weeks then have the option to come 4 days a week, or do they have to choose for the whole year? posted July 27

Pre-K may choose remote learning; however, due to the logistical considerations involved, changes will only be addressed at the semester, not after the first nine weeks.

What is the reasoning for the cut off for the 4 days a week for Pre-K through 1st? posted July 27

PCPS plans to follow CDC and VDH guidelines to ensure the safety of students and staff. The physical space and social distancing requirements to do so, requires class sizes to be much smaller.

How does this decision affect the head start program? posted July 27

This program runs independently of PCPS. We reached out to them and they reported that decisions are still being made.

How will PCPS support our youngest learners (Pre-K – 1) in the full and/or part-time remote learning model? posted July 27

We recognize that the full distance learning model presents challenges for our youngest learners. We are working to review how our current curriculum can be implemented at home for our young learners to build a plan based on their developmental needs.

Will Pre-K-1 students be in the same room all day? Will there still be recess? posted July 27 

In accordance with safety and health mitigation recommendations from the CDC and the VDH to limit transitions, students will remain in the same classroom all day. Encore teachers will come to them. Recess will still be available.

Will assistants also have classes to bring down numbers in classrooms? posted July 27

As each class is being reduced in size to support social distancing between two classrooms, the assistant will be supporting a group of students not receiving direct instruction from the teacher. The assistant will assist students in completing the activities assigned by the teacher in both rooms throughout the day.

What will PE and/or recess look like? posted July 27

Elementary students will utilize the appropriate space (outdoors, gym, classroom) in order to complete curricular activities. Staff are developing activities that can be done with adequate social distancing and are implementing cleaning and sanitizing protocols when equipment is used. Elementary recess (outdoor and/or indoor) will occur daily. Students should dress accordingly. School playground equipment will not be available. PCPS will be providing guidance to students at a later date and time as to what will be allowed.

Can the students use the equipment, toys, puzzles, etc. the teacher has in their room? posted July 27

Teachers will be monitoring the number of students playing together. Students will need to wear a face covering (if social distancing is not being implemented). Equipment and toys will be sanitized after each student use.

How will students be receiving encore classes? posted July 27

PreK, Kindergarten, and First grade students will receive encore classes (PE, Music, Art, Library) on a four day rotation. Second, third, fourth and fifth grade students will receive encore classes on an 8 day rotation.

Will elementary teachers that were previously departmentalized (grades 4 and 5) now become self-contained? posted July 27

No. Teachers in grades 4 and 5 will travel between classes to meet students where they are located; teachers in grades PreK-3 will stay their class that will be distributed in two rooms with an assistant's help.


What is the reasoning for changing the high school schedule from the 4x4 to a 6 period day year long? posted July 27

There were two primary factors that led to the change. First, the six period day was selected for the 2020-21 school year to create cohorts of 10-12 students to practice social distancing in each classroom. When each cohort (grade level) is divided in half (A / B schedule), then we have roughly 60 students divided into 6 periods which results in approximately 10 students per class. This will allow us to safely accommodate students in our classrooms with social distancing. The 4x4 model would have resulted with 15 students in each group and social distancing could not be practiced. Second, the 6 period year-long schedule will allow for flexibility and adjustments to the pacing in the event of one or multiple short term closures are needed throughout the school year. Ultimately, it was determined the benefits of the 6 period day outweighed the 4x4 schedule for the 2020-21 school year and provided the safest place for students and staff to learn in a face-to-face manner.

What will the transitions be like at the high school? posted July 27

Students will not move among classrooms unless they are going to an elective in which specialized materials and supplies (i.e. equipment) are necessary. Students will stay in the same room and staff will rotate during class changes. This practice will minimize student to student contact (less movement in the hallways).

Will “seminar” time still be in the high school schedule? posted July 27

Yes, seminar will still be part of the schedule with a social-emotional curriculum that will be presented along with the continued development of the 5 C’s, and other VDOE Standards of Quality requirements.

Why does it seem like there is only one elective available for students this year at the high school? posted July 27

The VDOE Standards of Quality that require certain classes be completed for graduation have not been waived. Therefore, each student will receive the 4 core classes (English, Math, History, Science), one of the VDOE required class/elective (Computer Science for 9th grade, Driver's Ed. / Health for 10th grade, Economics & Personal Finance for 11th grade), and one elective of choice for a total of 6 classes.

Will we change back to the 4x4 schedule for the spring semester or if COVID-19 is gone? posted July 27

No, the 6 period day schedule is a year-long class model.

How will this schedule and blended learning model/remote learning affect the music departments? posted July 27

Both high school music departments are proposing and planning for extra practice times after school on particular days to support their programs in addition to their regular classes (for marching band, concert band, and chorus). The extra practice times would follow the same protocols as athletics and include required social distancing, health screenings, and no sharing of instruments. Teachers will share out more specific information with their students as plans are finalized.

Will there still be Dual Enrolled classes this year, and how will that work? posted July 27

There will still be dual enrollment and they will work just like the high school classes which are yearlong.

With the changes to the HS schedules (in terms of the schedule having year long instead of semester long classes), how will these changes affect a student's ability to take dual-enrolled/LFCC classes to continue their work towards an Associate's degree? Also, will the decrease from eight to six classes affect their ability to get the academic classes needed to complete this goal? posted July 27

The change from a block schedule to a 6 period schedule will not affect student’s ability to take dual-enrollment offerings. There will be less offerings (6 credits instead of 8) since classes will be year long so students working towards an Associate’s degree are encouraged to enroll in the classes they need through LFCC at the dual enrollment tuition rate.

What will PE and/or recess look like? Will secondary students dress out for PE? posted July 27

Secondary students will complete PE remotely. Secondary students will be activities to choose from to fulfill this requirement. The locker room areas will not be accessible for the 2020-21 school year. Middle school students will have daily recess as part of the lunch block. High school students needing PE 10/Driver’s Education will meet for face-to-face instruction (if students select that model). Students who chose remote learning will need to enroll in the DMV online course to meet this requirement.

If a student chooses to do remote learning, but has a class at the Tech Center, how will that work? posted July 27

The student will be able to use remote learning for high classes but will need to attend Page County Technical Center for class while face-to-face is available. Transportation from the high school to Page County Technical Center will still be available.

What is the schedule for the Tech Center? posted July 27

AM session will be from 8:50 – 11:30 (2 hours and 40 mins.)

PM session will be from 12:00 – 2:40 (2 hours and 40 mins.)


Will students take field trips? posted July 27

Although in-person field trips will not be taken, students may participate in virtual field trips to support learning and mastery of essential concepts.

Will there be assemblies? posted July 27

At this time there will not be any assemblies.

Are students who choose to do remote learning still eligible to play sports (assuming there will be any)? posted July 27

Students who choose face-to-face or full time remote learning and meet the VHSL guidelines for eligibility will be able to participate in PCPS sports (this does not include students who are homeschooled).

What is the status of high school sports for the upcoming school year? posted July 27

The VHSL plans to move forward with Model 3 in its re-opening of sports and activities for the 2020-21 school year. Model 3 delays all VHSL sports and activities until December 14, 2020, and adopts the Condensed Interscholastic Plan. This model leaves all sports in the season where they are currently aligned.

Model 3 – Condensed Interscholastic Plan.

  • Season 1 (Winter) December 14 – February 20 (First Contest Date – December 28)
    • basketball, gymnastics, indoor track, swim/dive, wrestling
  • Season 2 (Fall) February 15 – May 1 (First Contest Date – March 1)
    • cheer, cross country, field hockey, football, golf, volleyball
  • Season 3 (Spring) April 12 – June 26 (First Contest Date – April 26)
    • baseball, lacrosse, soccer, softball, tennis, track and field

Will students be able to participate in clubs? posted July 27

At this time, all clubs are suspended except those that are co-curricular with their programs. Meetings will be subject to the same health and safety protocols as for athletics. 


Will students with disabilities continue to receive services? posted July 27

Students with disabilities will continue to receive services as indicated in their IEP which will be reviewed prior to school opening. Services will be provided as appropriate for each student and learning model. (Refer to the Special Education FAQ section for more information)

Will English Language Learners continue to receive services? posted July 27

English language learners will continue to receive specialized instruction to support their learning. This may include some remote and some face-to-face (at the school) services.

How will PCPS support students’ mental health and well-being as they return to school? posted July 27

Supporting the mental health and well-being of all students, whether they are re-entering the classroom or learning remotely, remains a priority as we plan for the fall. PCPS will provide weekly Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) lessons for all grade levels and will offer daily office hours with school counselors and psychologists by appointment.

What will social-emotional learning lessons entail? posted July 27

PCPS uses Al’s PALs for our youngest learners in Pre-K and Caring School Communities for K-5 to deliver lessons in our elementary schools. The Second Step program is used in our middle schools. The high school utilizes lessons from Major Clarity and other resources. The initial lessons will focus on resilience, fostering connections, developing core values, and establishing safety. Additional lessons will be delivered as students work through the grade level SEL curriculum; for example, we will continue to offer bullying prevention and child protection lessons.


What support will be provided for Special Education students? posted July 27

The IEP team will convene prior to the start of the school year to review the current service plan to determine what supports needed.

Will in-home instruction and support be provided to students? posted July 27

Due to the lack of control of all variables in the home setting, we are unable to implement a safe plan to send service providers into students’ homes. In-home service providers include homebound teachers, nurses, one-to-one assistants, related service providers, etc. Students who are unable to attend in-person school due to medical needs, once the fully remote model has been implemented, will continue in the fully remote learning model and receive instruction remotely.

How are IEP and FAPE being afforded for those that meet IDEA requirements? posted July 27

FAPE (Free and Appropriate Public Education) follows the division’s instructional plan, meaning that students with disabilities will be afforded the same opportunities for FAPE as their non-disabled peers.

How will it work with students with IEPS? Will they be going 4 days a week? posted July 27

Students with IEPs will follow the division’s instructional plan which outlines which days per week students will receive face-to-face and/or remote instruction.

Some of the IEP kids probably need to have their LRE reexamined, yes? posted July 27

IEP teams will need to reconvene prior to the start of the school year to review IEPs using the new instructional plan. Special Education teachers will receive training towards this initiative the last week of July or first week of August.

My child has an IEP for her speech, if we choose all at home learning for her, how will that work? posted July 27

The IEP team will convene prior to the start of the school year to review the service plan and develop a new plan.

Students with special needs who require transportation to other special needs schools, how will they be transported? posted July 27

Transportation options are available for IEP team discussion.

How will we handle students with disabilities who cannot or will not wear masks? posted July 27

Wearing a mask is a safety protocol. Students unable or unwilling to wear masks, when social distancing cannot be maintained, may utilize other face coverings when appropriate and/or may utilize fully remote learning. 

For those who are waiting on IEP meetings before making a decision, what are the implications of postponing the survey? posted August 10

For planning purposes, we need to gather information and data now to finish up schedules. However, as the IEP team meets to determine how to best meet the needs of the student, a change could be made at that time and shared with the school as an extenuating circumstance. 


What safety precautions are being taken when meals are prepared? posted July 27

The Nutrition Services staff are well trained in food safety measures and will follow current guidance related to safety and sanitation.

How will schools protect students with food allergies if students are having meals in the classroom? posted July 27

The Nutrition Services Department will take into account any food allergies in a classroom with regard to food served from the cafeteria. School-based staff are prepared to create a safe environment for students with allergies through the day; however, the division does not have a policy regarding what items can be brought in from home for packed lunches. Following meals, trash will be placed in large receptacles and emptied, hands will be washed, and tables will be wiped down.

My child qualifies for free/reduced lunch. Will meals be provided on days that students are learning from home? posted July 27

Yes, meals will be provided. The distribution may vary between being sent home with the student, delivered, or pick up sites. The exact distribution method will be finalized after learning options are selected.


Will PCPS provide transportation for face-to-face days in the blending learning model? posted July 27

Yes, PCPS will provide modified bus transportation to students in the blended learning model who need it. Families will be asked to indicate if they need transportation so that routes can be mapped out to limit the capacity and ensure health and safety measures.

What are modifications and expectations to use the school transportation? posted July 27

Transportation will look different to accommodate reduced capacities to ensure social and physical distancing. Students will be required to wear a mask for the whole time until they arrive at their desk which will be situated 6 ft. apart. Students will be one to a seat; those who reside together can sit together.

What are the expectations of car riders? posted July 27

Families who decide to drive their student(s) to school are committing to this means of transportation for the semester due to logistical considerations. Students will be required to wear masks immediately upon exiting their vehicle until they reach their classroom desk. Students are to be mindful of their social distance from other students as they walk into the building to the class.

Will there be transportation to the Tech Center from the high schools? posted July 27

Students will be transported from the high school to the Tech Center and back. Students will be required to wear a mask and sit one to a seat.

How will you sanitize the buses between routes? posted July 27

We will be using sprayers to clean the buses between AM and PM runs. Drivers will use disinfectant spray to wipe down high-contact areas in between routes.


What steps is PCPS taking to keep teachers, staff and students safe? posted July 27 

PCPS has worked on developing a health and safety plan in accordance with the recommendations and guidance for school operations during COVID-19 in consultation with federal, state, and local agencies. The health and safety of our staff, students and families is the number one consideration in planning for our return to school. The plan includes our new health and safety protocols that will be implemented across the division.

Where will students congregate in the morning before class begins? posted July 27

Students will report directly to their homeroom class when they arrive at school and sit at their desk which will be situated 6 ft. apart from the others. Once seated, a student may pull their face covering down.

How many students will be in a classroom together? posted July 27

When students are at school for face-to-face learning, class sizes will be determined by the ability to provide adequate social distance; generally, it will be about 10-12 students.

What will the classroom setup look like? posted July 27

Desks and tables will be separated for social distance in accordance with the current CDC recommendations and guidance from the Virginia Department of Education.

How is PCPS maintaining physical distancing requirements in the schools? posted July 27

Physical distancing will be maintained to the greatest extent possible. Furniture in classrooms will be set up to maintain ideal six-foot distances. PCPS is taking measurements of each space now to determine capacities for each classroom and school based on physical distancing guidelines.

How will physical distancing be maintained throughout the day? posted July 27 

Classroom will be arranged and hallway traffic patterns will be adjusted to allow physical distancing to the greatest extent possible.

How is PCPS maintaining physical distancing requirements in the schools? posted July 27

Physical distancing will be maintained to the greatest extent possible. Furniture in classrooms will be set up to maintain ideal six-foot distances. PCPS is taking measurements of each space now to determine capacities for each classroom and school based on physical distancing guidelines.

With students staying in the same room for most of the day, how will you maintain physical distancing during class changes and transitions? posted July 27

We will provide additional structure for hallway traffic and students and staff will be required to wear face coverings when physical distancing cannot be maintained, including during arrival, class changes, and dismissal.

Will face coverings be required? posted July 27

All PCPS employees and students will be required to wear a face covering while entering the building, during transitions, and when 6 ft. social distancing is unable to be maintained. Face coverings should be washed before each use to remain effective.

Will face coverings be provided? posted July 27

Many have already made or purchased face coverings for their own use during the pandemic; however, PCPS will have face coverings for those who need one or who forget theirs.

What health screenings will be required? posted July 27

PCPS is asking all families and employees to review the screening questions before even coming to school and to stay home if needed. All employees and secondary students will go through a daily health screening questioning process before participating in any in-person activities at PCPS; those participating in athletics will also have temperature checks. All elementary students will go through temperature checks before participating in any in-person activities at PCPS. If needed, students will be sent to the nurse for further screenings; employees will be sent home.

Is it possible to have an automated call in or google doc to complete the daily screening? posted July 27

PCPS is still looking into various methods and tools to help with the daily screenings. Once we know more we will communicate out the details. PCPS is exploring print and digital methods to collect daily health screening results.

What happens if a student or staff member exhibits signs of illness while at school? posted July 27

Anyone who begins to feel unwell or presents symptoms will be immediately referred to the school nurse. The individual will be given a mask, and if determined necessary, placed in an isolation room away from others, until they are able to go home.

If there is a diagnosis of COVID-19 in a building, what will happen? posted July 27

PCPS will work collaboratively with the local Virginia Department of Health when, and if, a diagnosis of COVID-19 was to be identified in a school. The response to a new diagnosis will follow established communicable disease response guidelines and frameworks and will be influenced by the specifics of the case. If notified of a confirmed or presumptive case of COVID-19, PCPS will follow the direction of the Public Health Division in notifying affected individuals, cleaning and disinfecting appropriate spaces, and providing data to public health to aid their investigation/contact tracing.

Will parents be restricted from coming into the building and walking their children into their classrooms, the gym or the cafeteria? posted July 27

Yes. As a health and safety measure, all visitors are restricted to designated drop off and pick up areas outside the school building and to the vestibules (lobbies) inside the school until conditions relax further. Volunteer opportunities are also suspended.

Will visitors be permitted in schools? And what are the expectations for screening visitors? posted July 27

We will be limiting the number of visitors that are allowed in our schools and support buildings to those directly related to services or work needed; these visitors must complete a health screening and wear a face covering.

What are the rules for using water fountains? posted July 27

Students and staff will be encouraged to bring their own water bottles. Students may be able to use the refill stations with supervision to ensure proper social distancing and limit contact.

Will students use common areas such as the cafeteria, gym, etc.? posted July 27

At this time, students will not be using the common areas or not in the way they are accustomed.

What will be the cleaning procedures? posted July 27

Per CDC guidelines, custodial staff will conduct enhanced daily cleaning of frequently touched surfaces (doorknobs, handles, fixtures, etc.) with approved products in school buildings. Bus drivers will disinfect school buses after each run. Staff will be provided with supplemental hand sanitizer, disinfectant, and wipes. All other cleaning supplies are provided by PCPS.

Will our PCPS custodial staff be properly trained on effective/mandatory sanitation methods and practices? posted July 27

Yes, the custodial team is working on protocols for intermittent cleaning during the day which will include the restrooms as well as protocols for deeper cleaning on Wednesdays.

How often will the bathrooms be sanitized? posted July 27

Bathrooms, in addition to other frequently used areas in the school, will be sanitized several times throughout the day. We will also be stressing the importance of frequent hand washing to students and staff and will ensure ample soap and paper towels are available.

How will you sanitize the buses between routes? posted July 27

We will be using sprayers to clean the buses between AM and PM runs. Drivers will use disinfectant spray to wipe down high-contact areas in between routes.

Will anyone have to sign a liability waiver? posted July 27

At this time, PCPS is not asking anyone to sign a waiver.

What happens if a teacher or staff member tests positive for COVID-19 or has been exposed to someone with COVID-19? posted July 27

PCPS will follow guidance from the Department of Labor and Industry, CDC and VDH for reported COVID-19 cases and reported exposure to those with COVID-19. Staff absences due to COVID-19 are addressed in current Human Resources policies and procedures. PCPS will work with local and regional health officials to initiate contact tracing and coordinate next steps. Operations staff will begin established cleaning and sanitizing procedures as appropriate. Decisions regarding the complete or partial closure of a building will be determined by school division staff in collaboration with local health officials.  If an employee tests positive for COVID-19, they will not be permitted to return to work until they have self-quarantined per DOLI, CDC, and VDH guidelines and are symptom-free. Employees with exposure to someone with COVID-19 can return if symptom-free for the duration of the self-quarantine.

What happens if a student tests positive for COVID-19 or has been exposed to someone with COVID-19? posted July 27

PCPS will follow guidance from the CDC and VDH for reported COVID-19 cases and reported exposure to those with COVID-19. Students will be given the opportunity to make up missing assignments due to illness. PCPS will work with local and regional health officials to initiate contact tracing and coordinate next steps. Operations staff will begin established cleaning and sanitizing procedures as appropriate. Decisions regarding the complete or partial closure of a building will be determined by school division staff in collaboration with local health officials. If a student tests positive for COVID-19, they will not be permitted to return to school until they have self-quarantined per CDC and VDH guidelines and are symptom-free. Students with exposure to someone with COVID-19 can return if symptom-free for the duration of the self-quarantine.

Is there a possibility that different schools will be open while others are closed? posted July 27

Yes, depending on the circumstances, there may be occasions when a specific school or schools are closed for additional cleaning. There may also be times when the whole division is closed to students as the situations change and/or the recommendations from the state and local agencies warrant. 

How do find current COVID numbers for Page County? posted August 10

The following link will take you to the Virginia Department of Health’s data dashboard wherein you can sort by locality: COVID-19 Daily Dashboard – Coronavirus