Page county technical center foundation (PCTCF)

Our Mission: The Page County Technical Center Foundation (PCTCF) was established in 1993, shortly after the opening of the Page County Technical Center. From the beginning, the Foundation's goal was to support and enhance the efforts of the Technical Center to provide Career and Technical Education Programs to the citizens of our community. Today, the Page County Technical Center offers a wide range of opportunities for high school students and post graduates, including electricity, nursing and welding. The Foundation plays a critical role in efforts to enhance and expand the center's offerings, recognizing that technical training is a viable path to a high demand career. The Foundation's past efforts have included funding scholarships and "tools of the trade" awards for those entering their profession, underwriting the cost of equipment, and fundraising to help make the Health Sciences Building and new Welding Shop a reality. All expenditures made by the Foundation are subject to approval by the Foundation's Board of Directors. 

Page County Technical Center Foundation Board of Directors

NameEmail Address 
J.D. Cavejdcave60@yahoo.com
Lesley Clemgrovehillservices@yahoo.com
Larry Foltzlfoltz@pagecounty.virginia.gov
James Holsinger (President)holsingerjr.james@gmail.com
Rebecca Hudsonmaterfam@hotmail.com
Darrell Hulver dhulver@embargmail.com
Robert Janney (Secretary)rsjanney@janneylawplc.com
Heather Knight hknight@valleyhealthlink.net
Richard Lawrenceralawrence@aol.com
Duane E. PainterDuanepainter@pagecounty.k12.va.us
Leigh Ann Pettit lapettit@pagecounty.k12.va.us
Doug Purdham purdham@masonite.com
Philip Secrist  philipmsecrist2@comcast.net
Mark Stroupe mark.stroupe@ram-tool.com
Donna Whitley-Smith (Treasurer) dlwhit1953@gmail.com
Jackie Sullivan-Smootjssmoot@sullivanmechanical.com
Mac Sullivan, Jr. macs@sullivanmechanical.com
18th board member --VACANT

If you are considering partnering with us in support of the Page county Technical Center by making a contribution to the PCTCF, please mail contributions to PCTCF, 525 Middleburg Road, Luray, VA 22835. or In care of, Donna Whitley-Smith , 12 Cliffside Drive, Luray, VA 22835.

Page County Technical Center Foundation is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization. All financial contributions to PCTCF are tax deductible. If you have any questions regarding the Foundation or questions regarding how to make contributions, please email pctcfound@gmail.com