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Page County Public Schools Honors School Board Members  
“Excellence through Equity”  
LURAY, Va. ―  Page County Public Schools will join 132 other school divisions across the Commonwealth to celebrate School Board Appreciation Month. Almost 850 elected and appointed school board members throughout Virginia are to be recognized for their service and dedication to public education. The theme of this year’s celebration, “Excellence through Equity,” reflects the top priority of local school board members as they advocate for public education with local, state, and federal leaders on behalf of all students. “The foundation of school leadership is to ensure equal learning opportunities for all students,” said Dr. Wendy Gonzalez. “We’re proud of our division, and School Board Appreciation Month is time to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of our elected trustees,” added Dr. Gonzalez.  In Page County, school board members must develop policies and make tough decisions on complex educational and social issues that impact the entire community. They bear responsibility for an annual budget of $42 million, approximately 3,350 students, 560+ employees, and 11 buildings. To our six representatives:  
Mr. Jim Grimley (Chairman-at-Large) 
Mrs. Jackie Sullivan-Smoot (Vice Chair and District 5) 
Mr. Tommy Lansberry (District 1)  
Mr. Rolf Gubler (District 2) 
Dr. Amy Painter (District 3) 
Mr. Duane Painter (District 4)