Student in Weight Room at PCHS

"Four days each week, a large contingent of students at Page County High willingly subject themselves to physical torment that most people can only imagine. Some do it to improve athletic performance, some to improve their appearance. Others love the camaraderie that exists between those who pit themselves against heavy iron day after day. The weight room has indeed become a popular place for students during the two lunch blocks.

Mr. Eric Smith has been helping students with weightlifting since 1987, his first year teaching in PCPS. "I love getting the kids involved. It's good for them. I think it teaches them a lot about life. Weight training has to be done safely, correctly, and consistently".

Generally, the "A" lunch session consists of freshmen and sophomores, often as many as 30. During "B" lunch the numbers thin out, because many of the juniors and seniors are coming from or going to the Technical Center. The weight room was rearranged during the summer to better accommodate the large number of lifters.

Smith added, "It's really a good place to be, for me and for the kids. They listen, they learn, they help and encourage each other. Some of these young guys-they've already been hooked. They will be playing this game for many years to come, and I think that's a great thing".